Grace & Ken in a nutshell

Grace & Ken's magical story started nearly 10 years ago in 2009 through mutual friends. With long, flowing, dark, slightly greasy hair and a good appetite, Ken’s first interaction with Grace was at her dorm cafeteria, mooching off of her fellow freshman friends' meal credits. And after

- Hundreds of good cheap meals
- Realizing Grace was an anime and video game nerd
- 4 years of college student club activities
- 2 relationships
- 1.5 years of commuting to middle-of-nowhere Indiana & long distance relationship
- 4 international trips and 3 in the states
- 4 different apartments/neighborhoods
- 2 years of Dungeons and Dragons
- And 1 cute dog later…

They decided to tie the knot and are excited to celebrate with you!
Phrosne Ras